Friday, July 23, 2010


So, recently I've entered the world of Android phones, and I've decided something. I want to learn how to program a smart phone. I know a fair amount about programming in general, and I really want to learn more, so it's about time...

So, my first Android program is going to help me with my photography, hence the reason I'm posting on this form to begin with. It's going to start as a photo viewer for my website. I have a list of features I plan on adding, which I'm going to keep quiet for a while, but I'll say for now that my program will be geared towards a professional or serious amateur showing off a portfolio on their phone, and related tasks.

So far, I've almost figured out how to do my first real task, which is loading and displaying an image from the web. Once I've got that figured out, it's only talking to the SmugMug API and putting a slightly more complex interface, something that should be easy. Hopefully I'll have something to share soon, but for now, keep watching for more;-)

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