Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rocket Launching

I went out taking pictures of the Southern Arizona Rocketry Association's 5th Annual Winter Rocket Launch. It was really neat! They had lots of talented people putting together a wide variety of rockets! Here's an album of some of the best ones, I hope you enjoy! I've also posted one picture in particular where they launched about 50 rockets all at the same time. For more pictures, see This link.

Trip to "A Mountain"

Yesterday we visited "A Mountain", a small mountain located near Tucson, AZ. It provides an excellent view of the city of Tucson. Here's a few of the pictures we shot, enjoy! These pictures can be seen and purchased for stock or print, along with others from the Southern Arizona Gallery.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pencil Sketches

Here is some original artwork from Ashlee. She prefers colored pencil sketches, and has quite a talent. We hope you enjoy!

Sample Work


Welcome to this site! We are Ben and Ashlee Pearson, a husband/wife team of photographers from southern Arizona. Ashlee is also a talented artist, and we will feature our work on this blog. We hope you enjoy!